Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

How Did a Nice  Teacher Like Me End Up In Internet Marketing!!!!!

Prime Meridian 0 Degrees Longitude

The photo I chose for this website is me standing on two hemispheres at once in Greenwich, England.

This is the perfect picture for me,   as that is where I stand in my life and my career.

I am a dyslexia expert, in my first career.  Language learning differences is another way of looking at it.  I not only can teach these kids  to read, I can teach teachers how to teach kids to read.

So how did I end up crossing the Prime Meridian and into Internet marketing?

Pretty simple, my husband is  six and a half years older than me and HE retired at 62.  I decided long ago that since he has supported my career all these years, when it came time to retire, we would do what he wanted to do.  You see I am the true example of “Been There, Done That, Wrote the Movie” so I was happy to ‘retire’ with him, and we moved to the  beach.

Of course all of this happened as the bottom fell out of the housing market, and so good news, we sold our house, it had a lot of equity, bad news is we sold it for $50,000 less than our grand plan.

So, once moved and loving the beach life, and wanting to hold off on any 401k stuff ( give it time to hopefully recover!!!)  I was looking for ways to earn income, and be flexible with scheduling so we could still do retirement stuff.

Well, even a teacher can be stupid, and I fell for a scam, I am sorry to say.  They were going to pay me $10 for every website I edited, and they would send me 3 a day.  I fell for it because it did not sound too good to be true, that was a reasonable amount–BUT  I fell for the oldest scam in the book.  I had to pay them $40 for “support costs”  ( I hear now they are up to $60) AND they wait to pay you (ha ha) until well after the 60 day money back guarantee that the law requires…..    months later, several hours a day, poof they were gone and I got no money!

You would think that would kill my interest in online income, wouldn’t you?  Well,  I then did some searching and found a great website called Work At Home No Scams and after several days there discovered I had stumbled on the real deal.  I spent hours and days devouring the information on all the options, and the honest reviews.

Eventually the light bulb came on and  I realized that all those websites I reviewed were  what  internet marketing was about.   B y the end I was able to tell which were the honest, good ones and which were questionable, with outrageous claims.  Since at least a third of them were directly about making money online, I pretty much had already learned the  framework.  All I needed was the know how.

So I found out about Wealthy Affiliate from the Work At Home No Scams blog,   followed their advice and  did due diligence in researching them, and signed up, July  5, 2009.

The teacher in me, made me take my time, and devour everything I could about each step of the way, and gradually I tried things out.  To be honest, it was slower than I hoped, but I knew I was my own worst enemy… they tell you again and again not to think too much, just do it—-

I have all the pieces now, have several campaigns up and running, made some money on one in particular, and have done quite a bit of writing for WA members. Each person I wrote for taught me even more about how to set this stuff up.

So that is my round about story.  I am earning income, I have flexible hours, and best yet I can sit on my porch and look out at the water while I work!  (Not the ocean– that is WAY out of our price range) but water where I see the sunrise and sunset each day.  Full moon reflecting is even better!

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