Thursday, April 26th, 2018

Elance Reviews


Read Elance Reviews Before Hiring Anyone To Write For You

Everyone eventually gets to the point where they want to find some help getting their content written, Articles, website info, spinning, and everything else. The same thing for other techno side of things like graphic design, and programming, linking etc. When that time comes you will discover Elance as one of your options You can be sure that there are plenty of people who are searching for a review of Elance.

Elance provides the largest collection of freelance and independent contractors for hire.

Their members are found worldwide and are available in categories like writing, programming, graphic design, and administrative assistance. If you’re in the market for a contractor to help with the creation of content for your next project, it’s important to know if Elance can measure up.

Elance for those looking to hire writers (the buyer)

This site is set up to give the buyer all the advantages. You do not have to join or pay membership fees. (The providers have to do that)This means the only thing you pay for is to the person you hire to do your work. No extra fees on your end they take their cut on the other end. They make signing up simple, it takes just a few minutes and the final step of the process is posting of your first project. They want you up and running as soon as possible

You will have to learn how to properly outline your project, weed through sample writings, interview and set up some benchmarks to be sure you get the quality you are looking for. Start off with small assignments until you get it down, and you find people you are happy with.

One of the weaknesses of Elance is also its strength

A strength is the sheer number of members. Anyone can register as a provider, so there is no pre-screening. It is up to you to figure out the higher quality from the lower by reading the stats and evaluations of the members. When you first start out, following the old saying, “You get what you pay for” would be sage advice.

Another issue seems to be again a result of the strength, which is its numbers.

Due to the popularity, you will find the Elance is always upgrading and improving how things work. In the long run that is a very good thing, however it can cause some confusion in the backend area, which is where all the data, tracking and information is kept.

Payments are made through Elance. The way it works is they take their cut and pay the provider. So that makes it easy on you.

The bottom line is that Elance is a useful tool that you can use to help you with your workload.

But you have to be actively involved in the hiring process, and not depend on Elance. Be sure to interview your prospects, review their work, and use their feedback tools to help you find some solid contractors that will work for you now and into the future.

One of the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate is that as part of your membership there is a WAJobs center. Where you can put up any job and WA members will bid on them. This way you will have a handle on the training they got and can read the feedback from other WA members. You still work out payment, directly with each individual on your own, WA has nothing to do with that, usually with Pay Pal, but it is an option at least especially when you are first starting out.

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