Thursday, April 26th, 2018

Extra Money Making Ideas

Part-Time Work At Home Opportunities

Here is the page I promised you where I tell you about some other starter programs, that might be a little less intense.   What you will find is most people will buy one of these, and then end up at Wealthy Affiliate for the full package.  You will have two choices at that point, sign up for WA under the links from these people,  or (preferred) book mark and sign up for WA under my link!  either way, you will be getting top notch training.

#1 Recommended  Alternate “Starter” Training

One Week Marketing

Pot Pie Girl is the name of the person who has written this first product.  Her real name is Jennifer, and she truly did begin her online success story with nothing.  All of her starter recommendations involve using the free resources that can be found online.  Once you make some money, then you invest those dollars into other  things that can make you life easier.

  • Designed for the Newbie
  • Step-by-Step Action Plan
  • Easy to Follow Directions
  • Provides a Basic Introduction to Internet Marketing
  • Provides Action Mixed with Instruction
  • Based on the author’s (Pot Pie Girl) personal experience building her successful business from nothing to something special.
  • Based on free or almost free methods
  • One time affordable fee.
  • Pays for itself  the first 5 commissions
  • Money back guarantee–

Sneak Peak Bonus offered– Get the first 18 pages FREE!
Sign up on a pop-up forms on her  website

Now here is the interesting thing.  I have to tell you, this one thing.  I would hate for you to go off and buy this, and find out what I have to tell you later!
Pot Pie Girl, or PPG is an active member of WA and is always creating free “starter” guides and resources  for WA members to use.  She does NOT give away her One Week Marketing Plan, she is very protective about that, but there are lots of helpful tutorials and resources in WA from her.

Go to the website, take a look, and decide if you like this approach or would rather try my

FREE Mad Marketing Method first.( QUICK! Sign up on the side bar to your right!)

Recommended Alternate Training #2  Affiliate Inventor

Is a little different approach.  What this does is give you Step-by-Step eBook guide to making online eBay stores.   You will create websites on a specific niche(like mountain bikes) of  items found on eBay, create a live and direct feed to eBay items for sale.  You will earn commissions from eBay for any sales.  This is  a good way to learn specific elements of the business, before delving into Wealthy Affiliate.

There are some additional costs for this one, you will need to buy a domain (url address), name and a place to host it.  With Host Gator, you can buy hosting for just one domain for starts, and then get unlimited later on. Or if you join Wealthy Affiliate, your hosting is free. You can Sign up for HOST GATOR account Here

GO TO Affiliate Inventor!

This one is not like PPG, where I will tell you you MIGHT be able to take advantage of the same thing on the inside.  I have seen two people offer eBay store tutorial in Wealthy Affiliate.  This one, to me, seems more complete.  Sometimes they are called niche stores, so it gets confusing.  I have also seen Free niche store guides used as a free giveaway when you buy something else.

Alternative Training Recommendation #3

4 Day Money Making Blueprint

This is another starter training program with the newbie in mind.  It is a combination of story and 15 hours worth of videos .

  • Step-by-Step Guidelines
  • Easy to Follow Directions
  • Provides show and Tell–Action Mixed withVideo  Instruction
  • Based on the author’s personal experience building his business from nothing.
  • Also based on free or almost free methods
  • One time affordable fee.
  • Money back guarantee–

GO   TO 4 Day Money Making Blueprint

This program is kind of a combination of TWO successful IM marketers.  David who write the book learned from Travis.  The whole theory is once agai n, learn using free methods until you earn some income, and use that money to buy more things to streamline the process.  Both David and Travis can be found in the Forum, and have written the occasional training resource for WA.

Final thoughts From Sue

There are other legitimate training programs, but next to my own FREE ! MAD Marketing Method, (sign up on the side bar) these are what I would suggest trying, to get your feet wet.  Of course I would prefer you comeback to to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate when  you are ready, but I realize that but sending you to these other people, they may end up with the credit for your joining.  I would rather you be comfortable and lose the credit than push you into something you may not be ready for.

Remember MAD Marketing Method    FREE….. from me to YOU!

Just CLICK On The Picture!!!!

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