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Earn Extra Money Online– Is It Possible?


Earn Extra Money Online, How Has It Worked?



Tuesday March 1, 2011 9PM EST there will be a FREE live Webinar on the inner workings of Wealthy Affiliate.

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Yes, It is also true to expect some kind of special membership offer coming soon….

My family and some friends are doubtful that I will be able to earn extra money online, but they are good they don’t say anything.  I have been at this a year, and had one awesome campaign that ran pretty well for me, so I know that as a part-time work at home opportunity, this is something that can work.  I cannot say I have a solid extra retirement income, but I can say I made money, and it has covered all my expenses, as well as letting me use some for online purchases.

What extra  money online opportunities  I am  focusing on to develop a multiple streams of income approach.

  1. What I call regular affiliate stuff.  Now that Wealthy Affiliate has made WordPress so easy, I will be putting all my things I started over the year onto a Wordpress sites, and maintain them with articles, and regular posts.  As things intrigue me, I will get new things going.
  2. I am trying the niche store idea, and  become an eBay store, which is what got me started on this extra retirement income track to begin with.  This idea is a product that my son knows a lot about, and income will help pay back all  he owes us!  We shall see.  I will be creating a  niche store review page on three guides I found, and keep updates on my progress here on this blog.
  3. I am also working with real products.  I bought a program that shows you how, and although I am in the middle of it, it really does show you what to do.  I would not be able to do it so easily without my Wealthy Affiliate training.
  4. The last thing I am going to do is become an affiliate for a project one of the Wealthy Affiliate members got up and running.  I can’t go into the details, (not my idea to share) but it is essentially creating portals in a website for people to use when buying something through us, and not the other more established sites.  It is not a discount thing, just another way to buy the very things they  want.  It will be interesting to see how it works.

So that is where my extra money online adventures have taken me in the past year.  There are so many different twists and tweaks to what is out there, it is easy to get off track, trying this and that.  Keeping the goal in mind, a steady stream of extra retirement income in my case, and learning one thing at a time, will get you to the place where I am right now.   One thing I have realized, and it should be obvious is that with part time work at home opportunities, you have to create a schedule, or it will never happen!

One note, If the Mad Marketing Method had been available when I first signed up, my life would have been so much easier in those first months.  It is truly worth the time it will take to go through it, and prepare someone for the more intense things you can learn about later.

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