Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

The most Frequently Asked Questions I am asked:

As a teacher  answering questions is second nature to me! I never  mind helping other people out.   I would not be here today without the kindness of others who let me ask THEM questions!

I  put together a list of the most common questions I get with my answers…it can be hard on the typing fingers writing the same thing over and over! Your main questions are likely answered below..but if you have any further questions, you can contact me here.

Question: What exactly is Internet Marketing?

Answer:  The simplest way to look at this, is by realizing that Internet marketing involves using the Internet to supply solutions and/or deliver a product to those people searching for those answers.    You could say Internet marketing is the process of selling a product online and earning a commission when doing so.  The way it usually works is, people  will search for something in a Search Engine like Google.com, and get a long list of results listed. An Internet marketer has the opportunity to deliver the information these people want in those  search results when  the customer  clicks to the place you own and/or created that has the information that will help them find what they are looking for. If a purchase is made by clicking on a product link found on your page,  voila! you have earned a commission. The free MAD Marketing Method getting started course will teach you exactly how to get started for free! ( click on the right side bar form or go to myHOME Page)

Question: Can anyone make money on the Internet?

Answer: Yes, yes, YES!    You don’t have to be technical, you don’t need a marketing degree, and you don’t have to be a valedictorian (trust me,  you are probably smarter than some of the most successful marketers online). You have what it takes to be successful online.  Think about this…

If you spent as much time as you did in your day job working on your Internet business, you would be wildly successful! :) Just be willing to work hard and set a few goals for yourself, you will be surprised as to what you can achieve online.

Question: I entered my Name and Email to receive the course but didn’t get an email with access to the course?

Answer: If you signed up to receive the free MAD Marketing Method course and didn’t receive access via email, try checking your junk mail box as it may have gone in there.  I also find that a common error is  the email address was mistyped when typing it into the form, so you may want to try signing-up again.  If these both don’t work, please enter a different name and email in the form to the right and I will resend you the access  link.

Question: But, I don’t have any product to sell. Is that OK?

Answer: I don’t own any products either. Instead I work as an affiliate marketer. This is where things get interesting!

As an “affiliate marketer” you promote other people’s products and services in exchange for a kick-back in commissions. When you earn a sale for the company, you earn money. These companies give you special “affiliate links” that track your visitors and automatically give you a commission if your visitor buys something.  You become their advertiser, the commission you make is their advertising budget.

There are affiliate networks like Clickbank out there that pay up to 75% on most of the products, so if you sell something that is $40, you get a $30 cut. Pretty cool right?

There are 10,000’s of affiliate programs out there in every imaginable industry. There are even affiliate programs for selling rocks!

Affiliate commissions add up very quickly when you understand that you only need to get 4-5 customers out of a billion people online each day to buy something through your link. If an average sale is around $35, you can see that without a ton of work you will be making $175 extra/day.

The reason I recommend training services like Wealthy Affiliate is that they give you access to all these affiliate programs and train you exactly how to promote them. Having the right training will truly JUMP START your path to success. They show you techniques how to access well over 100,000 programs online…you can essentially promote anything you want as an affiliate. I promote music because I love music and am really interested in it. You can do the same with whatever you are interested it.

Question: Can you guarantee that I will be successful? If not, what can I do to improve my chances?

A: No, I cannot guarantee anything. It is like me saying, I  can guarantee you will  get an A on a test, or win a race. Unfortunately I can’t, but what I can tell you is that if you work at this and treat it like a business, you will become successful. People do fail all the time within the business world and it is those who continue pushing forward, a learn from the mistakes they make from failures that will become successful.

The Internet has opened doors for everyone. You have the same opportunity as me, and we all have the same opportunity as larger companies out there. Everyone is on an even playing field and there has never been a better time to start. Average people like you and I can make a full-time income without even having a product that we own!

Question: I need help setting up a website, can you help?

Answer: Setting up your own website gives you a piece of the Internet and a spot to extend your reach as an Internet marketer.   You DO NOT need a website as explained in the MAD Marketing course. With that said, at some point you may want to take your Internet game to the next level and get your own website. You have two options that I suggest.

1 – Join WealthyAffiliate.com and get Hosting included for FREE (and you get a pre-built website)

2 – Sign-up to HostGator.com and have them host your site.

Hostgator.com is slightly cheaper than Wealthy Affiliate however you get many other tools, services, and not to mention personal coaching if you join WA.

Question: Clickbank does not accept people from my country…are there any alternatives?

A: That is fine. There are some countries that Clickbank does not allow and they have their own reasons for this. But there is good news…there are 1,000’s of other affiliate programs that you can promote that WILL accept your country. Here are some of the top affiliate networks online. Try these!


There is also a way that  you can also do a “targeted search” in Google for affiliate programs. Type in “industry + affiliate program”. Replace the word  industry with the type of programs you are looking for…for example, this could be “dieting + affiliate program”. You will get lots of results this way as well.

Question: Who am I, and why should you listen to a word I say?

Answer: I have people asking me everyday about myself. I created a whole page all about myself here!

I am just like you, I have no fancy Internet marketing degrees and no special technical skills. I became an Internet marketer due to hard work and focusing on learning from others who are more experienced than me! The MAD Marketing course that I am offering you will help you get started and uses many techniques that WILL work as long as you follow the instructions! (Just fill in the form on the RIGHT Side Bar)

Question:  This all sounds great, but I checked out WA and I just do not think I can afford it right now.

Here is the scoop.  We could go around and around about the pros and cons of paying a monthly fee for training, and how much of a fee.   The way I look at it is, you get what you pay for.  Its like do I go to the Dollar Store,  Wal-Mart or Macy’s?   When you buy a car, you get the basic car, and then pay for all the add-ons (like CD player and air conditioning!)  or you buy the deluxe model that has that stuff included.   Are there great deals out there, for less, certainly. But finding them is another issue! When it comes to training, you want the best out there, knowing you are getting your money’s worth.  The “generic” or “discount” version just do not hold up.

However, knowing where you are coming from, I was there myself, I have a hidden page on here called Sue’s Review of Alternate Training Recommendations, for just this situation.    I hesitate to share it before you have tried the FREE  MAD Marketing MethodCourse, because, most of what these alternative programs offer, is in MAD MarketingMethod.   But some of you are like me, and  need to know all the choices before we sign up for anything, so you can try this link  to Sue’s Extra Money Making Ideas.

What I would do is: Go to the sites, read what they have to offer. book mark them if you want. Then I would come back and  sign up for MAD Marketing Method, (its free!) and when you finish that program, make your decision.  Do you want more? How much more? Then choose.  One thing I can tell you, by following the lessons in MAD Marketing Method, you have a chance to get a couple of things going that just could make the money you need to pay for your WA membership— so think about that!

Question:  Can you tell me HONESTLY how long it takes to learn Internet Marketing? or at LEAST to get  some campaigns up and running?

Well, you all certainly are asking the tough questions!  You are going to hate the answer though.  First Internet Marketing as a whole, in my opinion is a life long learning process.  As you know by now, I am a teacher, and you just cannot learn something complicated right out of the starting gate,  and at the same time, there really is no finish line.

However,  after you take into consideration your own personal learning style, and how much time you have on your hands, you can figure that withing a few months, you should be able to have some things up and running.  Each time you start building a new  idea of what to promote, you use what you learned before and add to it.

For me personally I found after I finished putting something together, I went back to the training center and re read stuff and then read some new things; those things I was not ready to absorb before. It helped me, but ended up making me take longer to see some success.

Question:  What is your best advice for a newbie like me?

Think of it like this.  You take the whole industry and break it down into individual pieces, learn each piece, then add a new one.    After gaining a general understanding of the whole, the gist of how it works, then you learn  one system, follow one person’s advice, follow one tutorial and ignore all the “options” for now.

Write everything you do down,  (I have a tutorial in WA on organization and color coded index cards).  When you feel overwhelmed, stop.  It means your brain has absorbed what it can for now.  Take the weekend off,  close the computer down and come back the next day.

Once you finish a project, like they say, rinse and repeat. Do it again, exactly like you did the last one. It should go much faster this time.

Question:  Why do I have to give you my email address to get the free course.  I hate giving out this information to people I do not know, and worry about spam.

This is something I always wondered about myself!  Now I get it.  The way it works, is  I have the course set up with an automated system, that has all sorts of security things I will never understand built in.  Once you submit your email, you automatically get a confirmation message  sent to you.  By clicking on that link, it tells ME, that you are a real person and not some vile worm, or nasty virus.  Everything from that point on is automatic.  I may write you some follow up messages, but I send it through the secure system.  If you want to stop getting messages from me, the automated system knows how to accept your unsubscribe message and you never have to worry about my feelings being hurt!    The only messages you will get is additional information or insights I may have on Internet Marketing.

Now as for your email.  What most people will do, is go to Gmail or Yahoo! and sign up for a free account.  It is easy, and believe it or not, those guys have better spam filters than some of the private accounts.  Then use THAT email for anything you sign up for online.  I use Gmail because that account and password gets me into anything Google sponsors.  They have a free Blogger account, Keyword tools and a bunch of other stuff.

I created a separate  random password that I only use for all Internet Marketing stuff I sign up for.  (after awhile it adds up!)   Just open the dictionary and pick a word.  Capitalize the first letter and add some random number to the end, that is not the month or day you were born,  and you have a highly secure password to use for all of your Internet Marketing adventures.

Question:  How does the money work?  How do we get paid? Do I pay taxes?

One thing to do is get a PayPal account. It is a secure online kind of bank that got started to help people make secure eBay purchases.  You hook it up to your bank, and then I would deposit $100 in it. It takes a few days to get the whole thing approved and the money transferred. Lots of buying and selling online goes through PayPal! They also have  system to report people who tried to rip you off.


Now Clickbank, sends you commission checks in the mail. They have rules for how much it has to be before they send it, and to make sure you are a true marketer, you have to have three different people on three different credit cards make a purchase before they pay you.

Never ever ever accept a money order or cashiers check.  The scammers and spammers have figured out loopholes to that stuff. Craig’s List has a whole section on why and how this has become taboo.

and taxes… You will be considered an independent contractor and you and your accountant will figure out how to be sure your proper taxes are paid depending on the laws of the country you live in.  No one online will be deducting taxes, that is for sure.   Some  in the USA pay self employed tax four times a year.  But depending on if you are working and getting payroll deductions,  how  much you earn and all sorts of things, you have to consult an accountant or call the tax authority in your own country yourself.  Just know, if you earn money, you owe taxes, and you are responsible for finding out about it and taking care of it.

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