Thursday, April 26th, 2018

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing Means New Vocabulary


If You Understand The Vocabulary, How to Learn Affiliate Marketing Makes More Sense

They Use Common Words, But Totally Different Meanings!

You would think that a person old enough to be thinking about retirement would by this point in their lives have a decent vocabulary! When I was first finding out how to learn affiliate marketing so I could earn extra retirement income, I found that my training had to include learning new words and even worse, new meanings to words I could have sworn I knew! Rather than  allowing myself  to suffer through some  brain freeze, a Baby Boomer like me  had some fun learning these new words and creating some funny memory tricks to remember them.


I grew up hearing my parents calling guys a bum (today it would be the homeless)or  lazy bums, sitting on their bums, usually on a street corner, not working and begging for handouts. Not so in affiliate marketing!

A bum marketer is one who uses mostly free resources to advertise other people’s products and get a commission for it. So picture a Baby Boomer sitting in front of their computer with the cartoon bubble saying, “Free!”


Unfortunately it has nothing to do with needles and sewing. You find this term in forums, and the thread is the back and forth discussion many people have on one topic. A long thread will have many entries and yes, it can get tangled up! So imagine each conversation on a strip of paper attached to a string—thus the thread.


Anchors are not those things thrown off boats, nor are they TV newscasters. . An anchor text is a word or phrase hi-lited and underlined in blue; clicking on it sends you to a new page related to that word or phrase. It has hidden codes that will not only send the reader to a new page, but also give you credit for sending them there.

So you might picture a guy with a remote control shaped like an anchor …? What can you add to help create your own visual memory for this idea? It could be clicking between famous newscasters or whatever creative idea comes to mind.

As you go on through your learning curve  for how to learn affiliate marketing training to earn extra retirement income, you will find:

  • a ping has nothing to do a little white ball and a paddle,
  • squeeze is not what you do to bathroom tissue,
  • you do not dig in dirt
  • platforms are not where you stand to speak to a crowd
  • a funnel is not for gas or tornadoes
  • although birds do tweet, they don’t tweet here.

Humor is a strong memory device!   You really will use your sense of humor when figuring out how they got these words to mean these things!

When I started out,  at Wealthy Affiliate University I would read an entire message on the forum and have no clue what they were talking about.  I knew every word, but not how it was being used! All I had to do was ask!  I usually started, “What in the world does…. mean?”

Learning new vocabulary is one important piece to beginning to earn the much needed extra retirement income  as you find out how to learn affiliate marketing. It is also important to find the right sort of training program  to absorb this new information at your own pace and with your own learning style.

With time, patience and a sense of humor, the Baby Boomer can learn this interesting business and their affiliate marketing training program can be chosen to best fit their learning styles.

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