Friday, May 25th, 2018

How To Write An Article and Turn It Into 6


It is A Huge Time Saver Learning How To Write An Article And Turn It Into 6

No, we are not talking about cut and paste, or even spinning. You want fresh unique articles and you can get them easily just by knowing how to write an article one way and then use that as the seed to immediately create six others.  Having fresh, relevant and unique articles is one of the keys to a successful Internet marketing campaign, so is one of those skills you must know how to do.

The first step is to write an article that is based on some kind of list format.  It could be the top 6 reasons  why or why not or for or against something.  It could also be a pros and cons article with 3 of each.  I might even be six steps in a how to article. The key is that is is a list of some sort, that can be presented with bullets or in a numbered list.

As you write this list, you will have done your brainstorming and some research as you know you will be writing quite a few articles on this subject.  Since you just read a lot about it, the information is in your head and fresh.  You will probably have bookmarked some pages or  copied some notes to a file on the topic for future use.  This is basic strategy for how to write an article of any sort.

Once you have the list article submitted to an article directory, you get to work.  Do not wait long, in fact to start this next step as soon as possible after you submit.  The concept is very simple.  You will now take each point you made in the original article and turn it into a full article.

When writing some kind of list article, you cannot put everything you found out in there, you can only discuss the main idea, as the point of the list articles is to give an overview, the general idea.  Your goal is to get them to click through on your links at the bottom of the article, so you will not be sharing everything you know.

So, along those line, you pick the first item on the list and without referring to the first article at all, you will write this as if the person reading has no idea there is a seed article, because in general, they will not have read that first one!   Take the first point, turn the general point you made into your introduction and then continue and expand with three or four relevant points that explain your point.

This does not break the rule about giving out too many details because is it only one of the things they need to know about your topic.  You will use terms like, “one important skill to learn,”  or “one of the many ideas to consider,” thing like that.  when you do the next point you will not say “another way”  you just stay with  idea you are talking about one element.

By doing this, you can quickly, with no extra research have 6 additional articles to submit.

Knowing how to write an article is just one of the many things you have to master when learning about Internet Marketing.  At Wealthy Affiliate they give you the training and the tools to do the rest.

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