Thursday, April 26th, 2018

Good News Bad News About HTML Coding For Web Page


What is the point of HTML Coding For Web Sites?

When I first started into all of this Internet Marketing stuff, the whole idea of HTML scared me. It was not that I could not understand it, I knew that if I studied it I could learn it. I just did not fully get why I had to, it seemed that you should be able to do this without all that techno geek stuff.

Reality Check:

The bad news is that you can’t make anything online without HTML coding for web sites, a blog or anything really.

The good news is current technology and programming updates have made this a lot easier.


HTML are the codes that tell the software what to do, it has to be there, one way or another.

Here are some Tips I learned about HTML coding for web page use–  from me to you–

  1. I learned HTML coding for web pages one at a time, as I needed it. I am pretty sure the bold and italics code were the first ones.
  2. I realized most places I went that used HTML only allow certain codes. So I made an index card with the title, “HTML codes list” and just listed all the ones I would ever need to use.
  3. There is weird HTML code that shows up when you paste something directly into a website form that you made on Word.
  4. Cutting and pasting an article that was written in Word, you paste it in HTML mode, that helps clear out some odd code. Y
  5. You can paste it int Notepad or any text only file first, and that strips the code as well.

How did I learn this?

Well, my membership at Wealthy Affiliate University was a big help. It did two things for me in regards to HTML coding for web sites.

First their WA Training Center had several tutorial aimed to make HTML easy to understand for the newbie. One was even a link to another site outside of WA.

Second I learned what I needed when I needed it. That is a real help, as you use it immediately after you read how to do it. That helped me remember it, and when I needed to learn more, the training center was right there with additional information for me.

At WA, I use the minimal HTML I need to use on their Web Design Tool Called Site Rubix and the WordPress Express they give their members access to. It also comes in handy on the WA Forum, but you don’t really need to use it there if you do not want to.

HTML is one of the many tools you need to learn a little about to make learning how to build an online business connecting customers with people selling what they want. In fact, once you get the handful of codes you need, you don’t even pay attention, as there are a lot more important things Wealthy Affiliate has to teach you. I am really happy with all I learned there.

FYI,   are two membership levels, Gold and Platinum so it will not cost an arm and a leg to get started.  Visit Wealthy Affiliate University to learn more.

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