Thursday, April 26th, 2018

I Went To The Grand Canyon- A Bucket List Success


And it all started with a trickle…. a simple stream….

I had a chance to spend 8 hours at the Grand Canyon awhile back.  I was all by myself for a variety of reasons and I really tried hard not to be thinking of Internet Marketing.  It was a chance to give my head a break.  It is true, there are no words, no photos, no anything that can prepare you for what you see.  Not to mention all the nearby spots that are also amazing, a volcano’s lava field, primitive ruins, cave dwellers on the side of a cliff,  red rock formations, and the remains of a petrified forest.

When I got back,  I got to thinking about how long it took for all that to happen, a wondered at my impatience for how long it is taking me to really get all of this IM business going.  Well, I wasn’t thinking it should take thousands and millions of years of course, but it was a lesson in stopping to appreciate what the world does have, and that everything has its place.

And with perseverance good things will come.

You get so caught up in what your are doing, whether it is learning simple ways to make money online, or the complicated ones and sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses.

I have all the tools I need,  I pick up tidbits here and there, and I am looking forward over the next year to just persevere and keep at it and get these campaigns profitable for my retirement.

I have my picture books and tons of pictures to remember my trip– and now I have to find something else to be at the top of my Bucket List.

What Motivates YOU to Achieve Success?

Leave a relevant comment on how you are keeping motivated in your business.

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