Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

It’s no problem finding an insane amount of Internet marketing for newbie tips and tricks with any online search…

It is just that some of those lovely tidbits you find will be on target and current, others of them unfortunately are just recycled junk or out of date. You definitely want to be one of the successes, an not one of the many who try it and give up after a month or two. So…

How in the world is a brand new Internet marketer supposed to know which Internet marketing for newbies tips will help them learn the actual strategies that have made so many people filthy rich?



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Well, the first step is to put the filthy rich idea on the back burner for awhile and concentrate on figuring out how to master all of this and eventually you will be able to generate your own Internet marketing strategies. Then you can start wondering about dollar signs. ;-)

Here are a few tips I found to be most helpful in sending me in the right direction.

Internet Marketing For Newbies Tips 101

Hands down, Internet marketing starts and ends with the relationship you build with a specific audience who is looking to solve a specific problem (your niche). Before anything else, you will be doing some research and learn about your niche and what your audience is looking for.

  • Niche Research – What you will be doing here is getting to know who your potential customers are. You have to find out what sort of products are in demand, what is selling, and what the needs of your target audience seem to be. You will also be learning the language used by people in the field to better relate to you target audience. You can go to places like eBay and Amazon or a digital online store like Clickbank and see what the top sellers, and look for reviews.  Many will also visit forums and blogs to find out more about the niche and needs.
  • Keyword Research – The top Internet marketing for newbies tips I can give you is to spend as much time as possible learning about keywords. You have to know the phrases people are using when searching online, and you have to know them well. You do this with free online tools from Google, and with tools you buy or are part of a membership training program.

Internet Marketing For Newbies Tips On Websites

Once you know something about your product(s), niche, and your target audience, you need to start creating websites to use for marketing those products. There are a variety of different ways to do this– from blogs to squeeze pages, and even full blown sales letters. But before you worry about them there is one main thing you absolutely must master:

  • Sales Writing – You must learn the basics of effective sales writing in order to influence and hen be able to direct your readers to follow your suggestions and what the business refers to as “calls to action.” There are dozens tips and tricks you can use create some interest in your product like effective headlines, benefit laden product descriptions, and carefully worded guarantees. The trick is to write sales copy without coming across as salesy which is harder than you might think. Proper writing strategies are equally important for a 150 word squeeze page as they are for 500 word article, or a 10,000 word sales letter,

Getting Traffic

All that is well and good, but we all know the most important part of any marketing campaign is to get traffic to your site. You do this with sound back linking and something called SEO.

  • SEO- is what I call making the site Google friendly. Knowing the right places on your sites to place your keywords, create links to the product’s vendor and how to best use your headlines. This helps the search engine spiders find you and rank you. On page and off page tactics will make a huge difference.
  • Back Links – You need a wide variety of different kinds of places online that will have links headed to your site. That is backlinking. For example, you will submit articles to directories and post comments on those blogs and forums you found in your research. The trick is to find high PR (Page Rank) sites with “follow” links to give you the most juice.

The Newbie Path I chose…..

For me, finding Wealthy Affiliate was my saving grace when it came to Internet Marketing for Newbies. I would not recommend it for the raw never before heard of any of this before. I would spend some time online reading up on what Internet marketing is, find out about the quality programs and the scams. That way you learn the terms and vocabulary and have a general idea what the industry is about.

Once you get to that point, here is what joining Wealthy Affiliate  University gives you right off the bat:

  1. Step-by-Step training by the owners and other materials by long time members for all aspects of Internet Marketing.
  2. Niche research tools to get your started, or detailed training for how to do it.
  3. A top notch Keyword Tool, including a recently updated Google Competition feature.
  4. Article writing tutorials coming out the wazoo. There is help and advice for anyone from people who think they just can’t write, to those that are comfortable but are way too wordy
  5. Free hosting and turn key WordPress Express set up that gets your first website a jump start and ready for content to be added.
  6. Instant SEO friendly guidance for  your WordPress Express site.
  7. Back link strategies, tutorials and a forum full of people willing to help you out.
  8. 30 Day Clubs- where the owners or long time successful marketers take you through a 30 day step-by-step class to get a campaign up and going.
  9. Two tiered pricing, a lower price to give you a chance to learn the ropes, but limited access to all the tools, and full blown membership with total access to everything. (Easy to upgrade once you start making some money to cover the costs.)

The bottom line for when it comes to Internet marketing for newbies is to know and reach your audience, find the products, and then get as much of that audience as possibly can to click to your site where they will find solutions and go off to buy it. Each one of these things is a simple concept but takes time to learn the ins and outs of how to best use it.

Keep these important Internet Marketing for Newbies Tips in mind as you research this business and take a look at what Wealthy Affiliate University has to offer.

By the way, FYI,  one of the Wealthy Affiliate owners, Carson,  recently wrote a blog entry on  his take on Success in 2010… You might be interested in what he has to say about the current state of affairs.  Or not, either way, thought I’d throw it out there for you.

Click Here for Carson’s blog entry: My Take on Internet Marketing Success in 2010

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