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Is Affiliate Marketing Changing?


What Direction Is Your Home Internet Marketing Business Going?

Changes in affiliate marketing was the topic of an article published in the UK early in October 2010.  When I first read the headline I got concerned as I was afraid that the investment people who have been working to set up a home internet marketing business,  might have to turn an entirely new direction or have to learn more complicated strategies.

Well, that will probably not be the case. Affiliate marketing may not be the same as it was a few years ago, but it is a still a viable, fluid and evolving business.

The role of affiliate marketer has gone beyond just people developing a relationship with an advertiser and promoting their products which was the core of  a home internet marketing business five years ago. What has happened is advertisers have over time essentially developed these  networks of advertisers that work with them. These networks are becoming more interesting to other advertisers to figure out a way to tap into them.

The big issue seems to be that a lot of professional agencies have caught on and are developing their own in house affiliate programs, where their employees go out and drive traffic through PPC, article marketing and other traffic driving techniques, and they all work for the company. This gives them an edge in the business as they also then have access to all the other advertising resources available to them. This can possible start to hurt the traditional networks or groups of affiliates chances of getting their share of the traffic.

The affiliate marketing world really is its own self contained microcosm and can be used to reflect on the whole home internet marketing business, and make judgments on shifting patterns and such.

What this means for the affiliate marketer today is the importance of an affiliate marketing  training program, education and the ability to build solid relationships with the customers, with the product owner you are promoting and with each other. As the years progress, the techniques used will gradually become more sophisticated. Anyone in the business five years ago, should stop and make a list of all the things they have to do now to drive traffic to their site that they had never ever heard of five years ago.

On the other hand, if this trend continues, there might be more of a work from home internet  market business for well trained, experienced affiliate marketers. If companies want to do this sort of thing in-house they will possibly want to hire well trained people to do this work for them. You never know, it might mean some more work from home jobs.

It will be interesting to see how these trends go, but no matter which direction, the need for serious, high quality training like you get at Wealthy Affiliate University in all aspects of internet marketing will become increasingly important.

One of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Carson, recently wrote a piece on what he sees happening in this business in 2010, which you can access through this link.

My Take on Internet Marketing Success in 2010

No one is saying people should turn away from the home internet marketing business , you just need to have your eyes open and look at it as a real job, and not easy money just pouring in with little work.

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