Friday, May 25th, 2018

I Learned To Keep Track of the Details


I just finished at 30 day Article Marketing Club that was offered to the members of Wealthy Affiliate University.  It was really not for the newbie, but those who wanted to put all the pieces together and learn buy doing.  The regimen of a schedule was what brought me to the club.  I can’t say enough for what I brought away from my experience, for what I was able to get a handle on were the missing pieces.  One of the reason there were missing pieces were I was losing track of some of the details.

Now the funny thing is, they did not teach us how to do this in the WA Article Marketing Club, but the structure of the class led directly to keeping track of details on an spreadsheet.  Now the silly thing is I have used a spreadsheet before, but never really set one up.

What I have now is a sheet with key word idea.  Each column has one kW theme and are only listed if they have at least 1000 searches a month and pass the criteria of the Exclusive Wealthy Affiliate Google Competition Tool.  As I think up a new idea, I do the research and transfer the KW that pass muster to a new column.  If I am in the mood I can do a whole pile of these at once.

Here is the cool thing, when I use one, I bold it.  Simple.  Then when I go back to look for a new KW to use in a new article or on a page or post, I know what has been used.

You know how things go, once you get started, you keep on going.  So each day when  new task was given  about making a page or post,  I made a sheet just about what is on my  WordPress Blog.  I put in the assignment, then when I finish, the title of the page, the URL, the KW used, and if it was a page or post.  Then later when the article that was written using the KW ,was published,  I put the link in to that.

So now with one look, I can see which pages need article s written, which topics that were assigned still need a page created, and list my ideas for future page.

It was so simple to get into the habit of just opening up the file each time I logged on to WA and just toggle to it each time I did something.  Of course, now I have to go back and do the same thing for all the other things I have half started.!

Each time we got an assignment to do something new like social bookmarking and backlinks, I put the information in the spreadsheet.  Wow.  The links I found are there, I just click, do the entry and then  put a date in the box that said I linked to the page.  My fellow WA Article Club members have shared some great links to, I copy them and have a place to put them.

The order of my pages reflects the order of the assignments.  I will be able to follow this plan, using this spreadsheet for any future project.  It just goes the show that a membership site can give you the full picture.  The training on the individual details you need for affiliate marketing work from home jobs, and the tools, like the KW tool and the Google Competition data, not to mention the hosting and Word Press Express sites that give you the website with the set up already done not to mention how to make a wordpress website to begin wiht

If I learned anything from this month, it was how important developing a system is, and keeping track of what you do.  That leaves all your brain energy for learning the tips and tricks, following the advice, and then of course taking action.

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