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Do Paid Surveys Work  for Extra Money Online?

This is actually how I got started, I signed up for a bunch of paid survey sites, then went looking for other online jobs, work from home ideas to earn extra money online.  My whole goal was to be able to find part time work at home opportunities so I could have flexible hours in my retirement.  I wrote an article about this early on in my affiliate marketing career, and it pretty much states what I feel now.  They are a great way to bring in extra dollars. but depending on your age, and it seems if you have children living at home, qualifying for them can be hit and miss.

The way I see them, for those who really want to earn real income and not just spending money , surveys are a stepping stone to other online jobs work from home opportunities.  While you are doing them each day, you can explore other things, get involved in FREE affiliate  marketing training, and explore other options out there.   So here is the article I wrote for Ezine awhile  back on using paid surveys an an extra money making online idea!

The Good, Bad and Ugly About Using Paid Surveys to Generate Extra Retirement Income

By Sue Fegan Platinum Quality Author

Baby Boomers seems to always be a couple of questions, hesitations and wariness about whether paid survey offers actually can help them earn much needed extra retirement income. The pull of course is to feel that by your contributions you may be helping to influence the decisions advertisers make when promoting their product. The wariness comes in when you are not sure about if it is legitimate or one of those online scams that you have heard about on the morning talk shows.

The answer to that is most of these paid surveys are legitimate and will pay you. You need to use due diligence in researching just to be sure, but you will earn money or points towards a payment in these surveys. In addition, the fact is advertises really do use the information they get from this cost effective way of consumer research. This article will look deeper, beyond these two obvious issues into the pros and cons of Using Paid Surveys to supplement retirement income.

Here are the Pros of why you should consider signing up with paid survey sites:

  • There are no wrong answers! Questions are your opinions or record of what you have recently have bought or plan to buy. You know the answers!
  • It is easy to do. After signing up all you do is click an link in an email.
  • You can do it while watching television at night, if you use a laptop, a blackberry or your computer is nearby.
  • If you hold off cashing in, you can build up a tidy sum to use for holiday your shopping.

Here are the Cons of why you might decide to pass on this extra retirement income opportunity:

  • You might feel the payment does not fit the time it takes to answer the questions. Currently in these economic times, payment may only be a few dollars per survey.
  • To make it work financially you need to sign up with at least three or four survey sites. With three or four sites sending you emails each week, and average time to complete a survey between fifteen to thirty minutes, you might get tired of doing them.
  • They can be cumbersome as you must enter by hand the same information, like date of birth, age, race, income range over and over again. That is the only way they know you are who you really are and not some automated robot.


Paid Surveys honestly can be a great way to add some easy supplemental extra retirement income and spending money. The question really boils down to whether you want to spend the time each week dealing with the surveys and can wait for the payout. Otherwise you will have a fun time!

I use paid survey strand of extra retirement income as a holiday spending account. I blindly joined a few last spring and several more this summer that were recommended to me as the better of the cash payouts. Combined between six of these sites I will have what I call free money to use via Pay Pal for online spending. For me, it will be used at Amazon. Next year, now that I know what I am doing I will have a substantial amount saved up.,-Bad-and-Ugly-About-Using-Paid-Surveys-to-Generate-Extra-Retirement-Income&id=3295279

So decide for yourself if  this is one of the online jobs work from home opportunities that you would like to use.  Most of the time, to really make extra money online, you have to get involved in several different streams of income producing projects.

What I eventually did was join Wealthy Affiliate University where I was able to learn everything I wanted to know.

Here is my the Review I wrote–

Click Here:  Wealthy Affiliate Review

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