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Profitable In Affiliate Marketing Means Organization


I quickly saw when I first started out that if I ever had any hopes of becoming profitable in affiliate marketing I had better get organized.  You would think a teacher would have figure that out sooner… but this teacher only TAUGHT kids out to organize, and had not had to do it herself in a long while! This article was written after three months into learning this business, I still use this system every day, in fact recently just went out to buy more supplies.  I have rewritten some, retired some, but it has made the difference for me!  I have a whole set just with the words they suggest you use, and other chock full of html code.
Learning How to Be a Successful Affiliate Marketer Takes an Organizational Program!
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It sounds easy when you start out. To become a successful affiliate marketer all you need to do is find a product that is selling well, sign up to be an affiliate with and write a bunch of articles eventually sending customers to that product’s website. People will buy the product and you get a commission. Yes, that is the principle, but there is more to it, it is not just a few articles, it is also landing pages and blogs and when you can afford it a website. All of these things are needed to get a high ranking on search engines. Think of a 1000 piece puzzle and how daunting the task seems. But once you put the edge pieces together and organize by color or background the task becomes manageable. That is what a person new to affiliate marketing has to do. Take that puzzle, organize the pieces into manageable pieces.

The first and most important thing to do is to go to get organized is to go to an office supply store and buy at least 300 multi-colored 4×6 cards. If you can get up to eight different colors that would be great. Then when you read you can write the information down based on a color coded system. You need to put yourself back in high school and remember some of the rules for taking notes. Always put the category in the top right corner and the specific topic, page number or authors name on the right. Since we live in the 2st century, also put the URL (http:// www. ) address up there. Do not squeeze too much information on one card, do not write too small and leave spaces so it is easy to come back later and read it. If writing down steps to a process, that will often take two or three cards, be sure to label those cards A, B C !

Another important step in becoming a successful affiliate marketer is to keep track of all your personal affiliate codes, blogs and website addresses as well as that URL information stored on the cards. Choose one color just for storing these addresses. Once you create a campaign, one card will hold all the addresses you use for that campaign. Other cards may just have the addresses you used as resources, re-written, but all in one place. An important card(s) to create is a “comeback to later” card, where names of articles,authors and any URLs are kept.

The beauty of this card system is the cards will get all mixed up as they are used.; About once every week or so you must sit down and get them organized again, forcing you to re-read them! At this point paper clips will be an important addition. This time when you read, it will make so much more sense as you are further down the learning curve. You will read things you forgot about; everything will be cemented one step further into your brain.

Taking time to organize will help lessen the frustration that comes when learning how to be a successful affiliate marketer. Remember to compare it to a puzzle. At some point you are doing the edge pieces, learning the overall structure, others you are filling in all the yellow, which might be writing a good introductory paragraph, and others will be like doing the leaves on the trees, lots of technological details that take awhile to learn, but will eventually all fit together.

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