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Tips For Article Writing on Websites


Any tips for article writing should be more on where the articles are going and not how to write them

Really, think about it, your High School English teacher always tells you to know your audience, right? Well the same thing goes for internet marketing writing. How you organize your writing depends on where people are going to see it.

This is important to get a handle early on, as I myself, a middle school writing teacher, got confused when I started out! What I was doing was absorbing all of the tips for article writing I could find, and applied all of it to everything I did!

Let’s look specifically at tips for article writing on websites. You will see three different angles.

The first two are called Landing Pages. This is where the people “land” when they click a link.

The Sales Page–

A sales page is literally what you set up when you have something to sell. You created a product, or you have an online store. You are considered the vendor. Your job is to grab the people as they come to your site and keep them there until they fork over the cash. Bad sales pages that are too pushy turn people off and ones that don’t do enough send people away to some other place to buy.

This is where you will see a lists of everything that is included with what your are buying, a pep talk of what this does for you that competitors don’t, may-be some history of why and how it was created, background on your credentials, and testimonials. The sales page also is where they give you all the bonus information and price details.

I have a FREE guide on 77 steps for writing Sales Pages that Sell. No strings attached, just click on the Book title. It is an instant download.

So the vendors job is to do the sell job and convince you to buy.
If you are an affiliate marketer– your job is to get people to click to a sales page.

The Affiliate Website Pages–

This is a landing page you create to encourage the visitor to click to a sales page of a vendor you have signed up to be an affiliate with. With this page, you should not do a big sales job, that is the vendors job. You are letting people know the benefits of this product and how and why it will be a help to them. You could be introducing the topic with background information, reviewing the product, but most importantly listing and describing the benefits and give them the links to get to the main product.

This is more of a casual and much less hype approach. You do not put it all on the table, you whet the appetite. If you tell all, there is no reason to click through to the vendor! Some call it a soft sell. You talk about how the product helped you, what you like and what you do not like. You will not tell them all the details like price, the bonuses you get, all the topics covered. You leave that to the vendor. You give just enough information to get them to click. This is the hardest tips for article writing I had to learn.

Some of the placement strategies will be the same for both. It is all about the top fold. Catchy headlines, the key word or product name, images and a chance to click to the site should be seen in the top fold.

Blogging Tips for Article Writing–

Blogging can be a more informal way to add information to your website. You can make a blog post look just like an affiliate landing page or even a sales page, but it can be very effective as a more informal way to share your personal experiences,  give out explanations or background details, or be a journal where you blog about your progress.  This post would be an example of that kind of  blog writing.  A good affiliate website will probably have a combination of formal affiliate pages and informal blog writing.  Blog pages will usually have fewer links, and often link to a more formal  benefits driven page on your site.  There will also be a casual anchor link to the vendor page.  Lots of varieties of ways to do this.  Blogging tips for article writing are easy, you just write like you do an email!

I learned all of this information from my Wealthy Affiliate Training! 8-)

Do you have any tips for article writing on landing pages that work for you? We would love to hear them.  I do monitor the comments, so please keep them on topic.

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