Thursday, April 26th, 2018

Tips On Article Writing Format


Your Article Writing Format Is Important When Publishing in Article Directories

One kind of writing that is involved in this business is writing informative articles on the niche you are in. The purpose of this is to both drive traffic to your site and get natural looking, one way links coming in from a variety of places.

You will not learn all there is  article writing format from any single blog post! I was a middle school writing teacher and thought this would be a piece of cake. Writing the information was not the problem, it was all the little strategies you need to learn about getting them interested enough to click to your website.

Here is a brief look at article writing format to use.

The fine tuning comes from the Internet Marketing training program.

People use the term articles freely. Some refer to the content you put on your affiliate website as an article and in a way it is. Others use articles only as what you submit to article directories. Like a magazine article.

But in general articles are when you write informative little tidbits about your topic and submit to other sites to publish. These could be article directories like Ezine, Go Articles and Streetwise, or it could be on free Websites like Squidoo, Blogger and Hubpages. These will not be the same writing  you have on your landing page. They are usually pretty general in nature, and only touch the surface of the niche you are in.

Sometimes they will be reviews of a product, but even then you review one or two parts, not a full review. You want them to be looking for more information!

The article writing format that is used most often will be with an Introduction, Conclusion and about two to three main points. A Pros and Cons article is another route to go. Top 5 (7 10) lists with general points and brief explanations also go over well. Ezine has a whole list of 30+ different article writing format template guides to use when writing articles. I have another post on this site that shows how to take a Pros and Cons article or a Top 7 list and turn it into 6 new unique articles:  How to Write an Article and Turn It Into 6

The hard part to learn, and this is where the training kicks in, is that you only mention one or two general angles or points about your topic and you do not tell them everything you know. If you are writing about acne, one article can be how a parent helps their child keep self esteem, another can be about the difference between acne and blackheads, another can be about the benefits of prescription medicine. Then you have the chance in the author areas to encourage then to go to your website for more information. None of the article directories want salesy articles, they want helpful information.

I found the training and writing guidance I got from Wealthy Affiliate University valuable. It helped me fine tune my writing, and the people there encouraged me to keep at it. Once you understand  and start using, your article writing format you tend to use will become second nature.

My biggest mistake? Sounding like a teacher! I had to learn to go more causal and not use the thesaurus words that English teacher like so much!
Here is a link to my personal review of Wealthy Affiliate University:

or you can always take a look at their:  Wealthy Affiliate sales page

Take a look at both, read about it, come back to this blog and read up on other things and think about the whole thing a bit. That is what I did!

We would love to hear any tips on article writing format that you use. Add your relevant comments below.  I do monitor all comments.

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