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The 21st Century Challenge To Learn About Work From Home Income


Work From Home Income Means You Must Learn By Typing



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Yes, It is also true to expect some kind of special membership offer coming soon….

When I first got started in affiliate marketing  I found this membership site called   Wealthy Affiliate  University. I was so lucky to have first found a reputable sight with real information of the legit work from home income possibilities. And then to find Wealthy Affiliate. (Here is my WA Review….)

Back then I wrote some articles about what you have to go through to learn about work from home income in this business. One of the big adjustments is with the learning style. You spend most of your time reading and typing questions and hardly, if any time talking to real people. Here is a copy of article I wrote and was published in EzineArticles. Truth  be told, I have gotten pretty good at learning by typing, but still miss the face to face contact.

Find Extra Retirement Income – Learn By Typing, Not Talking

by Sue Fegan

A significant transition in how new information is shared took place in the 1990’s. Today when a retiree wants to learn how to earn extra retirement income online, they must adjust to the times and become digital learners. This involves significant adjustments to how new information is absorbed. With the Internet as a primary resource, learning becomes an individual and often solitary experience. You learn by typing to people, not talking with them.

Classrooms at the beginning of the 1990’s had may-be one computer, 5×5 inch floppy disks, and an overhead projector. Homework was handed in on paper. Libraries were the primary resource for information. By the end of the 1990’s that one computer was projecting straight to a screen, all written assignments were expected to be typed, saved and often handed on on a 3” hard disk. Printer problems replaced the dog eating it as homework excuses. Teachers started to send assignments via email. The Internet and the library combined were resources used.

Nowadays, teachers send assignments to a server where students access from anywhere. Work is saved to tiny little flash drives and handed in back to the server. The Internet is the primary source for information. Students spend as much time in front of their computer screens as they do working with an instructor.

What this means today for a person looking to earn some extra retirement income by studying Internet marketing, is training programs will be digital with less face to face interactions. All the information needed can be found online. Information is presented, there are FAQ pages, and often several online resources need to be used. The only way to ask questions is by typing into a knowledge base or forum where many people are available to answer your questions. I call it learning by typing.

At first it seems no big deal, but it is a huge adjustment for the Baby Boomer who grew up with raising their hand and a person answers! You have to take control of your own learning this way. Questions must be carefully thought through and precisely worded since there is not the luxury of personal interaction. The “aha”moments cannot be seen by either side and misinterpretations will happen. Direct feedback, like from a corrected assignment, is not usually available. The experience level of people answering questions is unknown. The end result is that while you learn by typing, you need to become your own advocate and figure out solutions to problems yourself.

Learning a new skill can be daunting for anyone; learning a new skill with individualized, digital online training takes some getting used to. However if the goal is to earn extra retirement income by studying something complicated like Internet marketing, it is important to go into it with your eyes opened and understand this will take a commitment of time and a positive attitude to adjust to the different learning models. At the other end, when it all starts making sense, the satisfaction felt make it all worthwhile.—Learn-by-Typing,-Not-Talking&id=3006222

With over 400 pages of training materials, made by the owners of Wealthy Affiliate and its members, learning by typing is not so bad.

In addition they give you Word Press Express set-up, free hosting, key word tool with the most up to date competition calculator, and they are constantly adding new tools. The Wealthy Affiliate Forum has been a life saver for me and the ultimate in learning by typing.  Work from home income is a lot easier for me these days.

Read About My Journey:  My Wealthy Affiliate Review!!

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